Running is BS
#39 - Cross-training is Bullshit

#39 - Cross-training is Bullshit

May 18, 2020

The only thing worse than running is not running, right? In this episode we delve in the murky world of cross-training, and why pretty much all of it is bullshit. 

Speaking of not running, we both share non-running related injury stories and Amy continues her bid to become an inspirational speaker.

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#38 - Touching Your Face is Bullshit

#38 - Touching Your Face is Bullshit

May 4, 2020

While we're still allowed to run, we'll still complain about it. We read out your running confessions, and will happily keep taking them on an ongoing basis because we know you're all terrible running sinners, and we can forgive you.

We explain why you won't be seeing a BS face mask, get the lowdown on the Ross Barkley 5k, and tell fat-shaming advertisers to fuck the fuck off.

Features an appearance from everyone's favourite corgi.

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