Running is BS
#50 - Blisters are Bullshit

#50 - Blisters are Bullshit

October 19, 2020

Our 50th episode and there is yet more chat about tea and dog interruptions. Amy ponders alfresco testicles, we cringe over sexism in cross country AGAIN, and discuss blisters and whether there really is a worst place to get one.

We speak to Peter Gillibrand, Liz Rees, and Sam Wright who each completed their own virtual London marathons, and endured wind, rain and chafing. 

Oh, and Amy did a marathon.

#49 - Running with Music is Bullshit

#49 - Running with Music is Bullshit

October 5, 2020

Because we all know listening to podcasts is best, right?

Being laughably unqualified to talk about something has never stopped us before, so this time we delve into music and what you're all listening to. Head to Spotify and search Running is Bullshit to find our amazing playlist as compiled by our listeners.

We also grudgingly admit (again) how useful going to the gym actually is, Stu reveals his surprising degree, and we discuss email inbox scum. And for some reason, someone mentions a human centipede...

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