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#53 - Chafing is Bullshit feat. Vic Owens AKA The Happy Runner

#53 - Chafing is Bullshit feat. Vic Owens AKA The Happy Runner

November 30, 2020

Our guest might be known as The Happy Runner, but don't you worry as we'll talk about barefoot running, hallucinating and chafing.

Amy has the weirdest, sort of funny, injury, proves cross-training is bullshit and has just had a terrible run.

Stu is furious someone unknowingly ruined his secret plan, stars in a romcom with a listener, and has just had a brilliant run.

We also bring you the results of the Wish running gear challenge, and it's a close one!

#52 - Wish is Bullshit

#52 - Wish is Bullshit

November 16, 2020

Our challenge for this week was to kit ourselves out for as little money as possible from the online store Wish. The results are, to be reasonably expected, mixed.

Amy updates us on her dogs wee habits, her mum's travels, and rants about tea. Stu teases his mystery challenge, further insults listeners, and raps.

Don't eat the communal vaseline!

#51 - Halloween is Bullshit

#51 - Halloween is Bullshit

November 2, 2020

Weโ€™re not huge fans of Halloween, but hey, an angle is an angle and so we lean into it by reading out your SPOOKY running stories.

Amy also pisses off a Facebook group, and to add to the obligatory tea update, we also have a truffle update!

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