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#35 - Showers are Bullshit

#35 - Showers are Bullshit

March 23, 2020
Amy massively overreacts to a single comment about her audio and has taken a drastic solution to improve the ‘studio’.
We inevitably drop the C-bomb as the world of running is now dominated by the reaction to COVID-19 and its impacts, as well as post-run showers, brambles, fancy teas, and fell races that haven’t been cancelled.
We also ask very important questions such as “Would you wear a manbra” and “Is it ok to just go and run a strava segment?”… See more
#34 - Coronavirus is Bullshit feat. Liz Ayres & Howard Owen

#34 - Coronavirus is Bullshit feat. Liz Ayres & Howard Owen

March 9, 2020

A last minute stand in for Amy sees SBC rock the mic with Stewart for this episode full of all kinds of running bullshit.

There's sweary banter galore with chafing, race cancellations, filthy puns, and making noises at gross out comments. 

We have bonus double guestage with London Marathon pacer Liz Ayres giving us a rundown of the changes being made to this year's race and Howard Owen's review of his, understandably, slowest ever marathon in Siberia.

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